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Madysyn started singing at the age of 5, when her Dad (comedian and producer Jack Vale) brought her on stage to perform a Christmas duet with him for Church. 

From that moment on, singing became what she wanted to do more than anything and her Mom and Dad supported her ‘heart’s desire’ with singing lessons, music equipment, and even a few dollars here and there to buy cute outfits for the stage!

When Madysyn was 12 years old, her Dad posted a 30-second singing video of her singing “La La La” to his Facebook fan page and it went viral, getting around 20 million views. They knew something very special was happening. In 2015, Madysyn co-starred with her family on their reality TV series “Jack Vale: Offline” which aired on HLN.

In 2017, she became a cast member on the first season of Lifetime Television’s TV show “The Pop Game” with record producer, Timbaland