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If one could describe the perfect blend of Pop Soul with a touch of jazz and gospel such as Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone and Bill Withers wrapped up with John Mayer and a sprinkle of a 90’s R&B vibe you would get Kansas City born, Matthew Grant.

Grant, the youngest of four boys, was brought up with surroundings that at times meant survival of the fittest as he grew up in the inner city with family members that were battling addiction. From nights where he had to scrap for food to sometimes not eating at all, Grant found solace in his love for music. Unbeknownst to his family, Matthew found his voice in the church and began to learn to play the piano. This was the basis of his musical foundation combining his winning charisma and showmanship in a way that can only be demonstrated through performance; whether that is for one person in a small room or an audience of ten thousand.

Matthew began writing his own music and developing his singing and performance style. Matthew knew if he wanted to make something of himself he needed to leave his hometown so when he turned eighteen, he left home to start his own journey and find his way. After a few years of college and moving around, Matthew found himself in a homeless shelter in New York. Determined to persevere to live the life he always dreamed about, he started working in a school with special needs children as a way of giving back and getting back on his feet. Whilst teaching was fulfilling, Matthew needed to find a way to pursue his passion for himself, so he moved to California. Whilst performing at a local event in Modesto, CA Matthew met his manager, Chris Woods, and the two of them began working. Matthew moved down to Los Angeles and started networking, working on original material and performing anywhere and everywhere he could.

Matthew landed a record deal with a new subsidiary of Polydor Records and released the single “King For A Day”. As the relationship between the subsidiary and their parent company failed Matthew was able to extricate himself from his deal and found himself back where he felt most comfortable – betting on himself and controlling his own destiny.

Matthew is currently working on a series of EP’s covering classic love songs from days gone by as well as working on his debut album.